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puff pastry

Wide awake

I do believe I am in danger of becoming my mother. It’s not the worst thing. She’s pretty awesome, actually. But she’s got some crazy habits and sometimes socially unacceptable behavior.

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Clearly, waiting tables for a prolonged period of time has left me a little jaded.

I think that waiting tables should be a required class in high school. In order to eat in a restaurant, everyone would have to carry a card that stated that they passed the class with flying colors. They’d have to deal with all kinds of ridiculous things…like the customer running you back and forth evertime you come to the table, rather than just asking for everything they needed all at once. There would be the kind of people who can’t make decisions for themselves and need … Continue Reading

coffee cake

Santa Rosa Plum Coffee Cake

I recently aquired a set of wine glasses. A set being two, both of which are mildly chipped, therefore deemed unusable by the restaurant I work at, resulting in my new set of wine glasses. Prior to my receipt of these glasses I enjoyed wine out of whatever was available; usually a coffee cup, sometimes a mason jar. I still enjoyed it. I’m not too picky when it comes to that kind of thing. But, you know, I gotta say… Continue Reading


Lemon Berry Trifle

It’s finally that time in the middle of summer when everything and anything you could possibly want is available at the farmer’s market and even the grocery stores. It was a friend’s birthday, and I had a gorgeous array of berries from the farmers market and also the last of the Meyer lemon juice I had frozen from my grandpa’s tree earlier this spring so I threw together one of my favorite summertime desserts…Lemon Berry Trifle.

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tomato pie

Heirloom Tomato Pot Pie

I’ve been kind of debating what I wanted to call this little number. I think “pot pie” best suits it, because it really is a meal in and of itself, served along side a little green salad.

My friend TJ grew up in New Jersey working at a roadside farmstand. Every summer “Ron the Baker” would come and buy fruit, and later return with all kinds of pies for them to sell. Mostly the pies woulld sell themselves, but the one that people were Continue Reading