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Olive Oil Cake

I used to have a boyfriend, a chef, that would ask me really loaded questions, all the time, like “What is the BEST soup you’ve ever eaten?!” or “What is the BEST salad you’ve ever had?” or “What should I do with all of those oranges?”

Alright, the last one’s not sooo bad, but the other ones, geez! What’s a girl to say? Am I supposed to answer with “…that soup you made last week…” or was he looking for inspiration? Continue Reading


Everytime I go to New York, I have big plans for myself. I have a budget. Usually a food budget and a shoe budget. I have reservations and plans. I know where I’m eating. I know who I’m seeing. I’m not generally someone who makes plans, as I am flakey and selfish with my time. But in New York, plans are necessary, otherwise I’ll never get it all done. Continue Reading