I’m Rachel Caygill (formerly Going), and I write this blog. I’ve been in the restaurant industry for 13 years, since I was 17.  I’m not interested in food trends or beating anyone else to “the next big thing.” I am, however, interested in making delicious, real food, and teaching myself new things. These are my stories.

I’m currently living the dream with my amazing husband/best friend in San Diego. We’re teaching ourselves to bake bread using a natural leaven in a wood fired brick oven that he built (!) in our back yard. I’m an amateur gardener with a lot to learn and I take more pictures than I care to admit of my 2 month old kitten whose name is yet to be determined. I’d like to challenge all of you to a run on sentence competition.


  • I’ve been a private chef, a pastry chef, a waitress, a line cook, a teacher, a student and an apprentice.
  • I trained at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, but I got the majority of my food education from my grandmas, my dad and a tremendous amount of hard work.
  • I’ve worked in some pretty amazing restaurants in New York and San Diego, and a few mediocre ones in Indianapolis.
  • I was once a chef on a private yacht.
  • I love lard, cardamom, and long walks on the beach.
  • Did I leave anything out? Probably. There’s some more here.