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I’ve been really avoiding sitting down to write this, because, well…I don’t know? I’m not a writer? As much as I want to share all the great stuff I cook and bake at home, sometimes actually writing it up feels like I’m back in high school and I have an essay due. Then other times, it’s effortless. Today is not one of those days, so forgive me for my lack of wit, but I’ll make it up to you by providing you with a recipe for, dare I say it? The most delicious thing that happened to toast since butter. Trust me.
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Quarter inch of butter completely optional, but highly recommended.

I’ve decided to be honest with you and just admit, right off the bat, that this is indeed a cake. It just happens to be baked in a loaf pan, which makes it look like bread, and makes me feel a lot better about spreading an unnecessary amount of butter on ¬†each slice, and eating it for breakfast.

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Look at these beauties

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. It’s been like a hundred years since I’ve been here. Cut me some slack people, I just got married. Also it’s summertime, and the restaurant is CRAZY busy this time of year. And we’ve been baking a ton of bread in our brick oven. And maybe I’m just a little lazy. So what. But now I’m here! And I have a recipe for you! So let’s forget about my absence, and just move forward, … Continue Reading

Try it. You'll like it.

I guess I could waste your time by listing a ton of excuses as to why I haven’t written anything for the better part of a year…but I won’t. I’ll just give you a few: I’m busy. I’m lazy. I’m in love. Sue me. Continue Reading

Vanilla Strawberry Cupcakes

All of my friends are getting married. Or having babies. Or both. When I was a kid I was positive that at this point in my life, I too would be married. My, my, my the times they are a changing. I really can’t imagine myself anywhere except exactly where I am right now, so I’m not feeling sorry for myself here, I’m just sayin’! Everyone else is getting married. Continue Reading