Q: Where can I find your pastries?

  • A: You can always find my ice cream sandwiches at Blind Lady Ale House in Normal Heights, as well as other seasonal desserts. You can also check out some sample menus here, and order from me.
  • Q: Do you make wedding cakes?

  • A: I don’t make traditional wedding cakes. I hate fondant. I understand it’s purpose, but loathe it. It’s gross. I do, however, make small wedding cakes for cutting purposes, and mini desserts. I’d be happy to discuss custom options with you.
  • Q: Why do I have to email or call you to order? Why can’t I just order through your website?

  • A: Because I’m only one person, silly! Also, again I use local and seasonal ingredients and need to be sure of the availability of certain items before I promise them to someone.
  • Q: Why don’t you open a bakery?

  • A: Sheesh! If only it were that easy…one day.
  • Q: Did you go to school for pastries?

  • A: I went to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY to study culinary arts. After 4 years cooking in restaurants and working as a private chef, I realized my true loves were butter, flour, and sugar. Although I do still love the other side…
  • Q: I want to go to culinary school. Some people say I shouldn’t, and should just get a job in a restaurant because I’ll learn more there. What do you think?

  • A: To each his own my friend. Some people aren’t cut out for school and do better just working their way up. The bottom line is you get out what you put in. I know some amazing cooks that have no schooling, and some cooks that graduated from school and can’t even truss a chicken! I would recommend working in a kitchen for at least a year before you make such an expensive decision. I did and it helped me understand the lifestyle that I was getting myself into.
  • Q: Why aren’t you 20,000 pounds?

  • A: Everything in moderation!