Ode to Dulce de Leche

dulce de leche

Dulce de Leche

My great grandma always had a drawer full of candy in her kitchen. My favorite ones were those Brach’s Milk Caramels with the various fruit centers; orange being my most favorite of the favorites. She also had the longest earlobes I’ve ever seen, even to this day. It came from years of wearing heavy clip on earrings. Do they even make those anymore? The clip ons, I mean? You might be wondering the same thing about the milk caramels. ⊰ more ⊱

chocolate cherry cheesecake

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

I love this time of year. Every spring, without fail, I’m surprised by all of the gorgeous fruit coming into its’ prime all at the same time. Strawberries are always first, and then rhubarb, and although I love them both dearly, they wear out there welcome within about 2 months. It’s not long before all I can think about is blackberries and summer stone fruit, and long for the days that we can be together, frolicking through my kitchen , hand in hand… ⊰ more ⊱

pie dough

Butter Dough

I think pie dough is one of those things that people are really intimidated by. I always was. My dad made many a pie growing up, and always worked so quickly, frantically even, while making the dough. He stressed to me from an early age that you must always keep your dough cold. ⊰ more ⊱

I’ve been talking a lot of smack recently about mac and cheese. A classic American favorite, it’s become very posh to feature this delightful dieter’s nightmare on menus everywhere. Usually there’s some sort of clever spin on it…like Cafe Chloe’s version with pancetta, gorgonzola, fontina, and gruyere or Urban Solace’s with duck confit. I still think they made a mistake by not calling this “quack and cheese”. With the exception of Cafe Chloe, ⊰ more ⊱


The Proof is in the Pudding


Pure Vanilla Extract

People often ask us how we make the simplest of things taste so good. Our vanilla sugar cookies are a perfect example of this, as they consist of the holy trinity of baking ( butter, sugar, and flour), with the addition of eggs, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Barry has perfected these over time and although the recipe is so simple, the trick is in the ingredients that we use and the attention that is paid to them through the entire baking process.

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