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Apple Pies

Hey! I’m baking pies and taking names people. Let me do the dirty work for you this Thanksgiving. 9″ deep dish pies (baked in a wood fired oven) in the following flavors are  available for pre-order:

Organic Apple…$20

Organic Apple-Cranberry Crumb…$20

Bourbon Pumpkin…$20

Maple Pecan…$25

All pies are also available  Gluten Free!!!

GF Organic Apple…$28

GF Organic Apple- Cranberry with Oat Streusel…$25

GF Pumpkin….$25

GF Maple Pecan…$33

Pick up days are Tuesday November 22 and Wednesday November 23 in the North Park area of San Diego. Delivery is available in the Downtown San Diego area for an additional $10. To order, and for more information, please email me at Rachel@Rachelgoing.com, and include the subject line Thanksgiving Pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Concord Grape Jam



I’ve been really avoiding sitting down to write this, because, well…I don’t know? I’m not a writer? As much as I want to share all the great stuff I cook and bake at home, sometimes actually writing it up feels like I’m back in high school and I have an essay due. Then other times, it’s effortless. Today is not one of those days, so forgive me for my lack of wit, but I’ll make it up to you by providing you with a recipe for, dare I say it? The most delicious thing that happened to toast since butter. Trust me.
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Quarter inch of butter completely optional, but highly recommended.

I’ve decided to be honest with you and just admit, right off the bat, that this is indeed a cake. It just happens to be baked in a loaf pan, which makes it look like bread, and makes me feel a lot better about spreading an unnecessary amount of butter on  each slice, and eating it for breakfast.

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George's Limequats


George Limequats

This is George. George is the owner and farmer of Betty B.’s Ranch out of Ramona, California.He’s been there since the late 70’s and owns over 30 acres. He’s only got crops on less than half of it, due to the water shortage. We first met about a year and a half ago when I was still selling my stuff at the La Jolla farmer’s market.

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Peach Vanilla Jam

peach vanilla jam

Peach Vanilla Jam

I do I do I do love the days when I let myself sleep in past an hour I would normally consider acceptable and provide no apologies for it whatsoever. Today was one of those days. While I spent most of the day procrastinating, and the other part emotionally beating myself up for it, I managed to get out and enjoy the day still.

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Heirloom Tomato Pot Pie

tomato pie

Heirloom Tomato Pot Pie

I’ve been kind of debating what I wanted to call this little number. I think “pot pie” best suits it, because it really is a meal in and of itself, served along side a little green salad.

My friend TJ grew up in New Jersey working at a roadside farmstand. Every summer “Ron the Baker” would come and buy fruit, and later return with all kinds of pies for them to sell. Mostly the pies woulld sell themselves, but the one that people were ⊰ more ⊱

chocolate cherry cheesecake

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

I love this time of year. Every spring, without fail, I’m surprised by all of the gorgeous fruit coming into its’ prime all at the same time. Strawberries are always first, and then rhubarb, and although I love them both dearly, they wear out there welcome within about 2 months. It’s not long before all I can think about is blackberries and summer stone fruit, and long for the days that we can be together, frolicking through my kitchen , hand in hand… ⊰ more ⊱

sant rosa plum tree

The Plum Tree

As previously mentioned, I’ve been stalking my grandpa’s Santa Rosa Plum tree for a few years. Its’ branches are full of blossoms right now, but there won’t be any fruit for a couple months. I think its’ real time to shine is the last week of June, first week of July-ish. During those two weeks, everything I bake is full of these spicy, juicy gems… ⊰ more ⊱

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